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A Burger King Battle

Last night, while my friends Todd, Ryan and I were out doing some scouting for an upcoming Rock TV, we stopped off for a pungent meal at Burger King. Then, in the middle of our conversation, something wonderful happened. Todd … Continue reading

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Farr Out!

Say, I wonder what Jamie Farr is up to these days… I’ll just make a brief visit to and provide a few brief reflections. Nice picture there, Jamie Farr. However, I’m looking through his biography here, and it goes … Continue reading

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Waspy Crunch

Hey kids, tired of the same old cereal? Finally realized that Cocoa Krispies taste like shredded paper? Sick of forcing down gulpfuls of Froot Loops that literally taste worse than sickly human excrement? Does the thought of another bowl of … Continue reading

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Bee Delights

Fear not, everyone! The bees are most assuredly not disappearing. I have found them. They are in my house. On Sunday afternoon, Bridgette and I returned from a short cabin retreat to find our basement window teeming with yellowjackets. This … Continue reading

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The End of Mirth

My summer is officially over. This morning, with a heavy heart and a bloodied spirit, I must return to the classroom and engage my chosen profession. I suppose a part of me finds energy and renewal in this turn of … Continue reading

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The Avon Gremlin

I’m writing this in a Panera, surrounded on all sides by boisterous middle aged women. I am disoriented and frightened. But perhaps I should explain. I seem to be caught in the crossfire of a meeting of Avon ladies. In … Continue reading

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