Farr Out!

Say, I wonder what Jamie Farr is up to these days…

I’ll just make a brief visit to jamiefarr.com and provide a few brief reflections.

Nice picture there, Jamie Farr. However, I’m looking through his biography here, and it goes on for about 11 paragraphs before it bothers to mention M*A*S*H*. Nothing odd about that at all…


The site immediately greets you with this quote:

“Jamie Farr is not only a great thespian, he is also a great storyteller. He will make you laugh and make you cry. He is witty and wise, serious, unpretentious and an all-around wonderful entertainer.” -Hall of Fame Golfer Patty Sheehan.

Really? Jamie Farr is a wise, serious man? I guess that just goes to show that I really don’t care.


If you scrounge around the site, you come across a page pushing his 1994 memoir “Just Farr Fun” that he had ghost-written for him while he was busy doing regional theater in the Quad Cities.
The greatest book never sold.

Apparently they blew the budget when hiring the ghost writer and didn’t have much left for the cover design.


So there’s your Jamie Farr update, folks. Check back next month for updates and hilarious anecdotes from “Just Farr Fun” about the time he made Alan Alda vomit with rage!

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5 Responses to Farr Out!

  1. scott says:

    they quoted an over-the-hill female golfer? was Julie Inkster not available?

  2. Thom says:

    Farr was like a guru to me when I was in L.A.

  3. peter says:

    Thom, tell us the story about how Jamie Farr made you a man.

  4. Thom says:

    PG-13 or R-Rated version?

  5. Adam says:

    Ooooh. I like where this thread is going.

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