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I had a brand new post written for this morning, and I was just about to post it when Kevin emailed this to me: Simple, horrifying genius. There’s no way anything I wrote was going to top that. Enjoy your … Continue reading

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Thursdays with Professor Tickles

Thursdays are delightful times for friendship and cloud-time cuddles! Let’s race each other beyond the rainbow and make our dreams come true! The only thing stopping us is the limits of our imagination! Can you see the sunbursts and peppermint … Continue reading

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Thanks a Lot, Liberal Congress

At last, today picture day here at school. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Unfortunately though, some of the higher-ups put the kibosh on my idea of my holding a knife for my picture. They flushed my … Continue reading

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Yesterday my brother Brian turned 22. The occasion was little noted nor celebrated. He and I did, however, enjoin in an intellectually provacative conversation regarding his educational pursuits. Brian is a senior this year at the University of St. Thomas, … Continue reading

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Bill Cosby: America’s Mildly Amusing Grandfather

I spent my weekend in the cozy confines of the Iron Range with my wife’s family. A weekend spent deep in the taconite-rich soil of Virginia, MN is a welcome respite from my busy city life. It gives me a … Continue reading

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Like “Frampton Comes Alive”, Only Awesomer

Last night, before a packed throng of sensitive adults, hyperventilating teens and curiously friendly men with ponytails, I did a concert with Jon Smith at my school. This was a big deal, people. I’m serious. We were sweating bullets backstage … Continue reading

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