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Hey, buddy. Yeah, you. Come over here. Hurry up. Come stand next to me. Wanna look at my duckbucket? Check it out. I took a regular metal bucket and filled it with ducks. Now it’s a duckbucket. Pretty sweet huh? … Continue reading

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The Hills Have Mimes

Come, my children, and wallow in the depravity of another new Rock TV! (if you’re having trouble with the video freezing, just pause the player and let the video load entirely) Doing a Halloween video was something new for our … Continue reading

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If you could have just a single lollipop-wish, what would it be? A forever cuddle? A sherbet snuggle? A raspberry straddle? I personally wouldn’t wish for any of those things (though I would love to give you one, if you … Continue reading

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Faulty Rabble Rousing

NOTE: This post was inspired by an idiot I heard on the radio on my way in to work. You know what I hate? Women drivers. Am I right here, guys? You know what I’m talking about? Women, when they … Continue reading

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And I’ll Hold You Tight Baby All Through the Night

Girl, be still. Listen to my words of love for you. Although we’ve come to the end of the road, still I can’t let you go. It’s unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to you. Come to the end … Continue reading

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As most of you know, the JLP’s influence over this great land is pervasive and unstoppable, like Manifest Destiny on meth. In support of this preposterous and untenable claim, I offer you this photograph, taken from a Rainbow Foods flyer … Continue reading

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