The Hills Have Mimes

Come, my children, and wallow in the depravity of another new Rock TV!

(if you’re having trouble with the video freezing, just pause the player and let the video load entirely)

Doing a Halloween video was something new for our team, and the writing team had a blast poking fun at all the typical conventions of horror movies. I particularly enjoy Ted’s performance as The Old Man At The Gas Station who warns the reckless teens of imminent danger.


Shooting this video was a real chore because of the amount of lighting setups needed, but the performances were great, and in the end the video is better for having taken our time. All the driving and exterior shots of the cabin were shot while hanging out at my grandparents’ cabin back in August. Another tidbit worth noting is that the entire production of this video was videotaped for a making-of-Rock TV documentary that we’ll finish up with in early 2008. Stay tuned for more details on that…

In the end, my favorite bits from this video:
-The “teen” dialogue (“Spliff me some Twizzlers.” “Crush on these, dude!”)
-Kevin’s hypnotically bizarre performance as the Exposition Guy, there to provide pointless backstory.
-Ted’s “best supporting actor” line.
-The final shot, which is easily the darkest ending in the 8-year history of Rock TV.

Enjoy – we’ll have another new one finished in just a couple weeks!

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22 Responses to The Hills Have Mimes

  1. Craig says:

    brilliant! i’m really impressed… i think this Rock TV sets a new kind of standard in quality, content and production value. there were a few airplane-esque moments…

  2. Roger says:

    That was extremely entertaining.

  3. Jesse says:

    I especially like the clear gospel presentation at the end! Yeah God! ! !

  4. peter says:

    Jesse, over the last two years Rock TV has made a number of comedy videos with Christian themes (see: Revelation 9:11, America’s Next Top Pastor, etc.) This happens to be a Halloween video. Sorry it wasn’t your cup of tea.

  5. Adam says:

    Jesse, we don’t need to do that because we have you out there putting us to shame! Yeah you!

    Peter, I was hoping for some glowing eyes at the end, but I forgot there was no animator. Darn it.

  6. Sarah says:

    I have to say I find it almost ironic that this Rock TV debuted the week I’ve had my first experience with laryngitis.

    In some ways I feel like a mime……it’s actually quite frustrating.

    Great Rock TV!

  7. peter says:

    Shoot, that would have been a good idea, Adam!

    Thom, go back and fix that for us!

  8. tim hopps says:

    when i was little i would sit on the Trouble game and do the
    Pop-omatic thing with my butt. (toys in my house were never used as they were intended)

    a couple of years ago, J-Ro and i actually played a few games of Trouble at around 2am. it’s fun when you’re buzzed. (and, incidentally, we used our hands to operate the Popomatic thing)

  9. Thom says:

    Do we want his eyes to shoot lasers? We could then have the screen go blood red and have the words say: “Accept no substitutes, nuthin’ but the blood of Jesus! Repent and Believe today!”

    That way we shoe-horn in the obligatory Gospel message!

  10. peter says:

    Thom, please do all the things you mentioned. In addition, replace Adam’s face with that of James Dobson.

  11. Thom says:

    Just at the end…or through the entire video. This is totally possible on our budget. Well, it would have been if we had not blown the budget on Mimes.

  12. former stalker-girl says:

    tim, that’s quite an image! you’d bust the pop-matic now I’m sure!(as would anyone who weighs than say, an 8 year old!)
    that was one of my favorite games when I was little….

    and om, nice randomness there btw….

    my favorite part of Rock tv was where it said to imagine more mimes….that was awesome!

  13. tim hopps says:

    actually, my comment wasn’t random at all… the “teens” were playing Trouble (with Pop-omatic!) around the table in the cabin. see, i’m not as unfocused as you may think :)

  14. Thom says:

    Focused on what?

  15. tim hopps says:

    i’ll bet i’m the only one that caught the metaphor… they were playing the game “Trouble” just before the mimes attacked. ok, peter, the truth: was that a planned prophetic metaphor, or did you just happen to pick that particular game?

    (this is more fun than debating if Paul really is dead!)

  16. peter says:

    We picked it mostly for the sound of the Pop-O-Matic bubble, but then the double meaning hit us, and we realized how amazingly profound it would be.

  17. Thom says:

    If we had been going by his 80’s output? I would have argued “Yes”. Ebony and Ivory? *shudder*

  18. Jesse says:


    I’m familiar with your (rock tv) body of work. And you’re wrong, it was my cup of tea. I thought it was one of the best in a long time. I just like to take shots at you. It makes me feel better about myself. Sorry if I struck a nerve.

  19. Thom says:

    I think Peter was offended that you missed all the really subtle theological references. We all thought it was clear that Bob Saget and My Two Dads was a reference to the heretical cults that popped up in the early days of the Church. Where as Peter referencing the trident in the cellar was a commentary on Glossolalia.

  20. Gordy says:

    Really great job!! Mime all outta love….mime so lost without you!

  21. peter says:

    Jesse, our encounter was thus rendered humorous. Touche.

  22. scott says:

    i hope one day to see a movie with a character who literally says “boy, ain’t no time for plot development” and kills one of the main characters. that was brilliant! definitely one of the best RockTV’s i’ve seen.

    i’ve also started using “yahtzee” in everyday speech.

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