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A Highlighter Journey

Hey you guys ever sucked on a highlighter? Try it sometime. Bite down hard on the felt tip and start sucking. It makes a weird sound and it tastes terrible and it kinda screws up the color of your lips … Continue reading

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Another Post About How Cold It Is

Yikes! Have you been outside yet today? It’s cold! As I drove to work this morning, my car was warm and familiar. The skies were dark, but I was at peace. Listening to the cozy melodies of my mix CDs, … Continue reading

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Anniversary with the Keatons and Ms. Chin

Yesterday, Bridgette and I officially celebrated our two-year anniversary! Huzzah for Jeff Davis! We celebrated in an excessive manner befitting a corpulent sheikh of Araby. We ate fast food while sitting at home in front of our Christmas tree watching … Continue reading

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Avoid Leroy, Go to Faithwalkers!

Another crumb from Rock TV’s abundant table! It should be noted that this isn’t technically a Rock TV, per se. Instead, it’s a promotional video for the Faithwalkers retreat in December, created by the Rock TV crew. The pleasure in … Continue reading

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Lincoln vs. Calvin

There was a time in American history when discourse was civilized. In 1858, Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas toured Illinois while campaigning for the U.S. Senate, debating the future of slavery in the territories, and how this future should … Continue reading

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Aerobic Misfortune

On this, the week of Thanksgiving, physical exercise is at at a premium. As it says in the book of Proverbs, “A wise man works out during the holiday season, but the fool lets himself go and grows a beard … Continue reading

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