Anniversary with the Keatons and Ms. Chin

Yesterday, Bridgette and I officially celebrated our two-year anniversary! Huzzah for Jeff Davis!

We celebrated in an excessive manner befitting a corpulent sheikh of Araby. We ate fast food while sitting at home in front of our Christmas tree watching an old episode of Family Ties on DVD. As we were entertained a manic young Alex struggle with using amphetamines to help him through finals week, our love for one another solidified and grew deeper. Watching the sexually ambiguous young Tina Yothers crack wise at the antics of Mallory’s vacant consumerism ignited the flame of our passions, like a torch to a pile of subversive literature.


Finishing our unsatisfying meal of burgers and Chinese food, our eyes parted from the bemused asides of Michael Gross and found each other. Somehow, some way, our mutual appreciation for 80s sitcoms had led us to a moment of greater meaning and significance than either of us dared acknowledge. Could it be that the jittery overacting of Michael J. Fox was beginning our love anew? Could Family Ties be some harbinger of greater mutual affection, understanding, and forgiveness?

Then Bridgette got sick from eating Leeann Chin, which we in no way could see coming.

That’s one more anniversary ruined by crappy Chinese food. If only there were some sort of lesson to be learned here…

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7 Responses to Anniversary with the Keatons and Ms. Chin

  1. Jeff H says:

    The lesson is that we may never see the likes of Tina Yothers’ hair style again. Cherish these moments, indeed.

  2. the lesson learned is that you two have no luck with foreign cuisine (see also “Buffet of Awfulness”). stick with good ol’ American fare and you’ll rarely be disappointed.

    as a wise man once said, never try anything new… it may lead to failure. or in this case, explosive diarrhea and hurling.

  3. Craig says:

    Peter, I look forward to the possibility of my future wife being someone who enjoys ’80s decade things with me – music, TV…

  4. craig, you want a wife who’s in her 80’s? weird, man…

  5. kevin s. says:

    “the jittery overacting of Michael J. Fox ”

    Um, tactful people call it Parkinsons.

  6. Anon says:

    Does Kevin win best comment of the year?

  7. ted says:

    Is it too late to wish you a happy anniversary… Now I have ruined the humor of you blog. Craig likes really old chicks. Yeah, thats weird.

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