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My Favorite Music of 2007

As is my tradition (see: 2005, 2006) I will now tell you about my favorite albums released in 2007. I know of no other blog in existence that offers such a feature. Wilco Sky Blue Sky When I picked this … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve Morning Musings

I’m in Rochester. It’s Christmas Eve morning, and I’m bored. I’m not Kevin, but let’s roll. —– Bridgette and I have a second job working with adults with developmental disabilities, and this time of year always reminds me of a … Continue reading

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A Solstice Adventure

And so, here we are. The winter solstice has arrived. December 21st. The dawn of the damned. On this, the shortest day of the year, we free men are forced to cower in fear. Our weakening sun will meekly appear … Continue reading

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Celebrity Update!

Time for another JLP celebrity update! What’s up with Jim Varney? Where’s he been lately? You know who I mean – the Ernest P. Worrell guy. America fell in love with Jim Varney back in the 1980s when he starred … Continue reading

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Passwords Between Friends

What is your password? Mine is proftickles37. Just kidding! That isn’t really my password! Really, it’s oxfeast4. Now tell me yours. Is it your initials, followed by your birthdate? Is it your father’s middle name, followed by the number of … Continue reading

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C-Day Minus 7

Just one more week until Christmas is here! That means there are only a few more days to purchase gifts thereby earning the favor of children. One last chance to polish the tree ornaments and genuflect before the nativity set. … Continue reading

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