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Marriage Snapshot #14

Bridgette yelled at me! She said I went to McDonalds too many times this week to get the large iced hazelnut coffees that I so cravenly desire! Make her stop! Now she’s calling her sister and making fun of me … Continue reading

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Yalta Wild Wings

Tonight, I will meet with the other members of the Great Blogging Triumvirate (Adam & Kevin) at a top secret mountaintop location. Together, we will plot out the new world order of the blogosphere, like the Yalta Summit of 1945. … Continue reading

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Another C- Post

I think it’s time I got a new “do”. A new hairdo, I mean! I’ve been sporting my current hairstyle since about 2002, and I don’t think it’s doing anything for me anymore. Interest from other women seems to have … Continue reading

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Marler Apologies

I was wrong about you, Keith Marler. Yesterday I wrote a somewhat scattered post that pointlessly ripped into Fox 9 meteorologist Keith Marler. Since then, he wrote a good-natured comment on that entry and he and I have exchanged emails … Continue reading

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Unimpeachable Statistics

While searching for a picture of Fox 9 meteorologist Keith Marler, that I might better ridicule his portly awfulness, I came across this poll, posted on their webpage: Are you shocked by the death of Heath Ledger? *Yes! He was … Continue reading

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The Melliflouous Strains of Children’s Coerced Singing

In hindsight, I recognize that Friday’s post was a little more vivid than it probably should have been. I hadn’t intended for it to end up so troublingly sensuous, and I apologize. I won’t ever blog in the shower again. … Continue reading

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