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Comedic Bliss

As a pretty orthodox Christian, I don’t often make it a point to include meditation as part of my daily supplication. However, this morning I experienced something that can only be described as a profound meditative experience. The Hindus have … Continue reading

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Kids These Days…

I think I’m getting old. Last night, I experienced a terrible flash of awareness while I sat watching television. The Breakfast Club happened to be on, and I was watching it absentmindedly while getting my work done. As the film … Continue reading

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Scattered, Idiotic Musings

You seem friendly. Are you friendly? I like friendly people the most. They smear their smiley sunshine all over the wall! Have you ever met somebody who was a sourpuss? Somebody who just loved to frown? Didn’t you just want … Continue reading

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It’s so foggy out this morning! The ground is wet and the air is gray and thick! It’s like we’re in foggy London town: “Good morning, Constable! How are you?” “Jolly good, thank you for asking.” “I heard that you … Continue reading

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Google Image Searching pt. 2

More fun with Google image search! — Here’s what I got when I searched “silly biscuit”: Oh my goodness! Do you see those biscuits! They’re stuck together! They’re so silly! We should never eat those biscuits for communion! — “Santa … Continue reading

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Blogging Discipline

Okay guys, come in on and find a seat. Let’s get this post started. I know it’s tough to come in from the hallway when all your friends are out there, but this will only take a couple minutes. Then … Continue reading

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