Google Image Searching pt. 2

More fun with Google image search!

Here’s what I got when I searched “silly biscuit”:
Oh my goodness! Do you see those biscuits! They’re stuck together! They’re so silly!

We should never eat those biscuits for communion!

“Santa Atrocity”:

Yes, it’s a veritable trail of tears from the North Pole.

We must never forget.

“Father Mound”:
I see. Father does appear to have mounds now where he didn’t before.

Oh well, that’s Epicopalians for you.

“Obama Feast”:

Hell yes!

“Shampoo Barf”:

This haunting image, while not shampoo barf, per se, certainly captures the emotional discord and disillusionment that shampoo barf brings with it.

“Sadness Bubbles”:

Ah yes. A mentally handicapped man with an adorable kitten. Sadness bubbles over.

May sadness bubble for all of you this Friday!

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11 Responses to Google Image Searching pt. 2

  1. Sarah says:

    That retarded guy looks like hte guy from “Office Space” who eventually burns down the building.

    You have to watch out for those guys.

  2. Sarah says:

    Also Peter,

    I recommend you use google image to search “jolly” and “shark food” and look at the first pictures.

  3. boy, would i love to get my hands on those silly biscuits

  4. former stalker girl says:

    “office space”…great movie!!
    I’m here at my new job in my cube, fully equipped with my red swingline stapler!

  5. tim hopps says:

    my computer at home is a piece of sh_t. it causes me untold frustration. when i finally get a new one, i am going to take the old one out into my yard, get out the sledgehammer i have in the garage, and smash it to bits a la Office Space. i’m totally serious.

  6. former stalker girl says:

    can I come watch? :)

  7. Sarah says:

    I’ll be sure to wear my 27 pieces of flair.

  8. Uosdwis R. Jawoh says:

    It was actually 37 pieces of flair.
    And yes, it does matter.

    Respect the 37…

  9. Sarah says:

    I couldn’t remember if it was 27 or 37. Thanks!
    I don’t want to be underenthusiastic about the flair.

  10. Roger says:

    What kind of demented, voyeuristic demolition are we encouraging, here?

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