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Leroy’s Brownie Adventure!

Suprise! Here is a new Rock TV for you! Suckle upon it and recieve precious comedy nutrients! This wasn’t really intended to be a Rock TV at all. Instead, this bit was written as a scene in an upcoming Rock … Continue reading

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Plumbing Sadness

You ever wonder what sort of foul, crusty nastiness contaminates the plumbing of your home? Well, the other night, after paying $400 to the Roto-Rooter guy, Bridgette and I were able to find out: A tangled, rancid mess of tree … Continue reading

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John Adams on HBO

Last evening, I spent three hours engrossed in HBO’s awesome new miniseries, John Adams based on David McCullough’s fine book (which I reviewed here). Thanks to Thom who illegally burned and delivered a DVD of the first three episodes to … Continue reading

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My Feline Abuser

He always does this to me, you guys. Somehow, Ben Franklin has a way of physically subduing me, forcing me to comfort and caress him despite his aloof, uncaring demeanor. I don’t know why I submit to his demands, but … Continue reading

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Easiest Post Ever

Last night a friend of me asked what was up the all the potshots I’d been taking at Barack Obama on my blog. I told her she was overreacting, and that my comment about wanting to mail him a used … Continue reading

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The Gift

Do any of you guys have a used Band-Aid? I kind of need one. I don’t care what kind of shape it’s in. It could be crusted over with puss and brown blood, that’s fine. I just need a used … Continue reading

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