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Free Demo

Hey guys, I’m still having too many ear issues to feel particularly funny this afternoon, but I thought I’d use my normal day off to pass something along to any who might be interested… Two weekends ago, I was stuck … Continue reading

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The Dealbreaker List

Relax, my friends, in the inviting softness of a new Rock TV – The Dealbreaker List. We’ve had a lot of fun in the past riffing on themes of Christian dating, and this time we wanted to look at things … Continue reading

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The Fluid

I started taking antibiotics for my ear infection on Tuesday, and it appears my ear is healing well. How do I know my ear is healing well, you ask? Because fluid is draining out of it! I think we can … Continue reading

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Here’s what I did last night when I got home from work while Bridgette was gone: I ate two microwavable burritos and watched some TV. I graded a pile of history tests on the Mongol expansion and feudal Europe. I … Continue reading

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More Sickness

I have an ear infection! My ear has been pounding for three days. It feels like my eardrum is about to burst, spraying sinus fluid and brain tissue against the wall! The lady looked in my ear! She gave me … Continue reading

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I’m Sick – What Do You People Want From Me?

So I spent my weekend holed up at home, sick as a mangy dog. On Saturday morning I spent my time at a Rock TV shoot, coughing my way through yet another set of dramatically weird performances by Leroy and … Continue reading

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