Free Demo

Hey guys, I’m still having too many ear issues to feel particularly funny this afternoon, but I thought I’d use my normal day off to pass something along to any who might be interested…

Two weekends ago, I was stuck at home, sick as a dog. I sat on my couch, absent-mindedly strumming my guitar and reading Psalms, and a song suddenly popped out. Literally, this song wrote itself in probably two minutes – the words are lifted from Psalm 42. A couple hours later, I recorded a little 4-track demo of it. My voice is pretty weak in it from being sick, but I think that’s part of the appeal of it.

The song is called Hope, and you can download the demo here.

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3 Responses to Free Demo

  1. kevin s. says:

    Play the bee song!

  2. Chad says:

    I really liked it..

    Thanks Peter…

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