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A Brief Soft Shell Encounter

Howdy folks, it’s me, a soft shell taco. Don’t feel threatened by me. I’m just a plain ol’ flour tortilla, some meat, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese. I’m pretty basic, but there’s nothing wrong with that! There probably isn’t anybody who … Continue reading

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Adolf Hitler, by John Toland

This weekend I finished up Adolf Hitler, the hefty, authoritative biography by John Toland. It was published in 1978, at a time when many of the book’s major figures were still alive to be interviewed (the ones who hadn’t killed … Continue reading

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Reviewing the Love Boat, 31 Years On

Over the holiday weekend, Bridgette and I relaxed and watched a couple episodes of The Love Boat on DVD, courtesy of Netflix, the internet, the United States Postal Service, and money. It’s a good show, I guess, if you enjoy … Continue reading

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Current Events Recap

Have you guys been following current events lately? Earthquakes in Myanmar, shark attacks in Oklahoma, and delegate-rape in Michigan! My, what a world we live in! Reverend Wright? More like Reverend Wrong! (P.S. I didn’t think of that on my … Continue reading

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A Great New Offer From Chase Bank

Did you know that by signing up for a new Chase Platinum Mastercard, you pay no interest for 15 months? Did you know that (for a limited time) in addition to there being no annual fee, there is also no … Continue reading

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Pointlessly Piling On

You know what was a good movie, and in no way a cynical miscalculation? Dick Tracy. You remember how a distant 1930’s comic book hero that nobody under the age of 50 was familiar with was resurrected for a big-budgeted … Continue reading

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