Brian’s Friend

As many of you know, graduating from college is a special time in a young person’s life.

Take my brother Brian, for instance.

He recently graduated from the University of St. Thomas, with a degree in mechanical engineering or sandwiches or something. My sister Julia and I did our best to encourage and support him, though we wished to do neither. Our brother Patrick wasn’t there. I’m not sure where he was – I haven’t seen him since he wandered into the woods two years ago. That guy was nuts.

At any rate, one of the challenges of this transition period is the fluxuation between worlds. One is no longer a part of the college community they so cherished, yet they are also not fully ingratiated into their professional lives. What is a young person to do?

During times like these, one can only hope to find a true friend to be there for them.

Sometimes these friends come from unlikely places. Sometimes their capacity to lend an open ear and a tender heart causes a young man to hold these people in an entirely new regard.

Together with these new friends, the young college graduate can gaze steadily into the future, confident that their dreams will be slowly whittled down to size, and that their now lithe, nubile bodies will eventually plumpen and swell.

This is the circle of life, my friends. What was will be; what is will be no more. All these lessons and more I have tried to impart not only to my brother, but to all of you, as well.

At the risk of sounding too philosophical, that beautiful tiger captures the distilled essence of what it means to be a friend, nay, what it means to be human.

This morning, I wish you all the same level of inanimate companionship that has so fulfulled my brother.

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5 Responses to Brian’s Friend

  1. Adam says:

    It’s a modern day Calvin and Hobbes!

  2. Peter says:

    HA! Why didn’t I think of that?

  3. scott says:

    i think it’s awesome you guys have a ceramic tiger on your front stoop.

  4. tim hopps says:

    a bit of history behind that tiger: it was a white elephant gift at my last christmas party. i had my chance to take it away, but i unselfishly left it in the possession of Britt, who thought her students might enjoy it. then Jamie ruthlessly seized it when her turn came around. so how the heck did YOU end up with it, peter? i’m jealous.

    btw, i just added a funny comment to yesterday’s post, if anyone wants to go back and read it. i hate it when i don’t get my flash of creativity until the next day.

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