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Convention Fever!

Do you have Convention Fever? Have you been watching the wall-to-wall coverage on cable? Are you crotch-deep in balloons? Have you been watching pundits so long that the professorial George Will has begun to resemble sturdy Midwestern rocker George Thorogood? … Continue reading

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First Day of School Again

Well, yesterday was the first day of school around these parts. As usual, the day was replete with seating charts, syllabi, and sorrow. Teachers tend to feel much the same as students on this day, and I was no exception. … Continue reading

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Keith Marler’s Return

My close friend and Rock TV mascot Todd Luker spent Friday morning at the Minnesota State Fair, presumably sampling the available foodstuffs and viewing the disgustingly obese animals lying in repose in various barns found on the premises. As luck … Continue reading

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Max & Mitsy!

Listen to Max & Mitsy weekday mornings on 104.7, the Spin! You like amiable banter and wacky mischief? Max is your man! He’ll fill your spirits like a dump truck filled with sunshine! You like warm chuckles and traffic reports … Continue reading

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The Phelpschild!

America loves Michael Phelps! He won 8 gold medals! He won his races by a combined 1/100th of a second! He has nearly exposed his pubic region to millions of adoring viewers on multiple occasions! And now, he must marry … Continue reading

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Orange Juice

You want some orange juice? I’ve got a tall glass of delicious orange juice right now. I just had a sip. It was tart and sweet, like a compliment from a hated ethnic rival. You want to take a drink … Continue reading

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