The Jack Von Trousner Show

Come, my sheep, and dip your craven bodies in the warm smoothness of a new Rock TV!

This video was a not-too-subtle take on a television program you might have seen called Jack Van Impe Presents, where one can learn each week how various news headlines are definitive proof of the coming apocalypse.

In crafting this video, however, we didn’t limit ourselves to potshots at Jack Van Impe (that’s just too easy). We also spent some time tweaking other elements of Christianity’s bizarre broadcast TV culture while trying to fashion a message that says something positive about the community and discipleship one can find in their local church.

I’m really happy with this video – in the end, I think it will probably become one of a handful of my favorite Rock TVs. Much of that credit should go to Kevin and Todd for their performances as Jack & Cinemax Von Trousner, as well as Jordan’s amazing job as the “hip” youth pastor.

As a bonus to those of you who enjoy the video, we had enough material left over after editing that we also put out a clip of deleted scenes. There’s some good, funny stuff there that we hated to lose, but the video just got too long.


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9 Responses to The Jack Von Trousner Show

  1. Roger says:

    Why the length restriction unless it’s boring?

  2. peter says:

    Well, these videos are intended to be played at church as a brief interlude after the worship, so they need to actually be brief. Back in 1999, they topped out at 2 or 3 minutes, but they’ve gotten a bit longer over time.

  3. Thom says:

    And back then, when they did go longer, they tended to meander, and so unfortunately good jokes were getting lost. I think that, even though they have tended to be longer nowadays, they are feeling tighter, because we really “fight” to trim the fat. And the ideas have gotten more elaborate since 1999 as well. You have goffy fun stuff like Ninja Salesman, which lends itself nicely to being short. I would have to think how much more elborate we would make that today. :)

  4. Guy Incognito says:

    Yeah, Thom, that meandering thing seems to happen when you don’t bother writing a script, making a shot list… you know, doing any pre-production planning what-so-ever. :)

  5. Jiminy Funk says:

    My first TV appearence Yo!

  6. Jamie` says:

    I loved the one… “He’s so nigh”

  7. Jamie` says:

    Also… Todd was AMAZING.

  8. Kevin S. says:

    “Why the length restriction unless it’s boring?”

    Search “Count Awkward” on YouTube.

  9. Thom says:

    I cannot wait for the John Devlin CD to be released!!!

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