Last night as I was grading exams, I came across this wonderful illustration:

Look at it. It’s me. I’m all there. The carefully unkempt hair, the sour pucker of disdain, the trapezoidal eyeglasses, and the eyes closed in contemplation of my life’s squandered possibilities. It was less like an essay explaining the effects of the Neolithic revolution and more like a mirror into the recesses of my own soul.

What does the dark, shadowy figure to the left of me represent? Some sort of dark doppelgänger? Is his scribbly presence an omen of impending death? His vague, half-formed lurking distresses me. I wish he would depart and leave me in peace.

This blog entry has darkened my spirits. I will end it now, before the gloom fully enshrouds me. I love you all very, very much.


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12 Responses to Me.

  1. Jason says:

    So what grade did you give them for this masterpiece?


  2. Guy Incognito says:

    Unshaven, and sleeping in class again.

  3. Sarah says:

    I think he was trying to clone you but after some thought decided the world couldn’t handle it.

  4. Guy Incognito says:

    Funny that they see your beard as mere stubble.
    I think this is a challenge to let your beard grow long and wild.

  5. peter says:

    Jason, that kid got an F. Big time.

  6. scott says:

    that masterpiece made me laugh. i admire his stick-to-it-iveness, because obviously his first attempt was not up to par with what he thought he could do. at least he’s not willing to settle. i’d give him a C, taking points off for the faux hawk.

  7. Adam says:

    You should make an Obama logo out of that.

  8. Sarah says:

    I think it’s at least worthy to be put up in your header for this blog.

  9. Roger says:

    Truly awesome. The drawing and the post. The kid deserves an A, with the write up you provided.

  10. Thom says:

    “Some sort of dark doppelgänger?”

    Can’t be.

    Your beard would have to have a gotee.

  11. Jeromy says:

    Haha you look like me.

  12. Tracey says:

    Found this:

    Seems Mr. Larroquette is a chip off the ol’ block. Or at least, he was twenty-some years ago…?

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