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Superhero Politics

Rouse yourselves from your codeine induced stupor! The 71st Rock TV has arrived! Blowhard political host Saxony Beauregard hosts his program live from the Superhero Convention where Awesome Man prepares to accept the Superhero nomination for President of the Galaxies … Continue reading

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Election Pleasures

Last night, on my way home from work, I got a call on my cell phone from “UNKNOWN”. My curiosity was piqued as I wondered if it was a pollster calling to allow me to register my complaints about Minneapolis’s … Continue reading

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A Spooooooooky Post!

Beware! This blog post is haunted! Right now, as you read this, ghouls are racing through the internet to torment you! There they go, slipping out your computer’s USB port, through the folds of your clothing, and into your clenched … Continue reading

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Leaf Justice

I recently spent a couple hours in my yard on a crisp October morning raking up the autumn leaves and doing a final mowing of my lawn. The air was cool and the skies were a bright blue as I … Continue reading

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My Cat

Hey, you ever heard of cats? I have. I’ve got two of them, and they each crap in a box next to my damn washing machine. One of my cats is named Ben Franklin. That sick bastard likes to sniff … Continue reading

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Weekend Photos, vol. 6

This weekend, the wife and I travelled to Minnesota’s North Shore to attend the wedding of our friends Tami and Allen. While there, we eat food, slept, and went to the restroom in accordance with our bodies’ natural functions. This … Continue reading

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