Weekend Photos, vol. 6

This weekend, the wife and I travelled to Minnesota’s North Shore to attend the wedding of our friends Tami and Allen. While there, we eat food, slept, and went to the restroom in accordance with our bodies’ natural functions.

This image shows my wife and I posed lovingly before the soulless industrial backdrop of Duluth, MN. Founded by French fur traders in the 17th century, Duluth is a mausoleum of smokestacks, lift bridges, and bedraggled college students on shrooms.

Nice town, though.

Here’s a photo from their wedding. You will note that it took place outdoors on the windy shores of Lake Superior on October 18th. If you look closely, you can see the pain across Bridgette’s face as her internal organs shut down one by one until she was finally wheeled off on a dolly by a helpful resort custodian.

These last two photographs show several of the items I found discarded in the parks of Duluth. In the photos, I helpfully point to the refuse to direct your eye. Clearly, some classy individual left a trail of Busch Light and Pall Malls in order for his eager followers to find their way to his lair of rural Midwestern iniquity, undoubtedly located in a nearby American Legion.

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6 Responses to Weekend Photos, vol. 6

  1. dang, i wondered where i left those smokes

  2. scott says:

    your photographic talent knows no bounds!

    (they still make Pall Mall?)

  3. Ted says:

    Those are signs the economy is turning… you wouldn’t have found those a week ago. But now people have extra money to spend on smokes and won’t recycle for the penny.

  4. kevin s. says:

    My impression of 50% of the conversations between Bridgette and Peter.

    P: Hold still.
    B: Peter, I’m freezing.
    P: Hold on, there’s a squirrel.
    B: Peter!
    P: Take a picture of me and the squirrel.
    B: No, it has flies on it.
    P: Come one.
    B: Peter, we’ve been out here for seven hours.

  5. Bridgette says:

    Finally someone understands.

    Oh, and he kept the can, and the Pall Malls. Apparently a t-shirt just isn’t good enough.

  6. Roger says:

    Is it true you can get the satisfaction of smoking a cigarette by instead licking the inside of the pack?

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