Leaf Justice

I recently spent a couple hours in my yard on a crisp October morning raking up the autumn leaves and doing a final mowing of my lawn. The air was cool and the skies were a bright blue as I worked outside in my favorite sweatshirt and favored work gloves, raking feverishly like Yosemite Sam on crack. I stuffed my giant black lawn bags to the brim with the colorful leaves, and then sealed them in tight for all eternity. I then brought the heaping bags down into my basement to be catalogued and stored for future study, as I am wont to do.

Then, that very afternoon, the unraked leaves from the Catholic church across the street blew onto my lawn, rendering useless the entireity of my life’s efforts to that point. I have suspicions that this was ordained by the Blessed Virgin herself, since she apparently has magical powers.

Thanks for nothing, wind.

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3 Responses to Leaf Justice

  1. Kevin s. says:

    People who rake their leaves before all of the leaves have fallen to the ground are responsible in ways I find profoundly stupid.

  2. peter says:

    Um, thank you?

  3. scott says:

    i cut my grass yesterday for the last time (hopefully) this year too. i also had to fling the poo of my neighbor’s dog back into her yard. i choose not to catalog that for future study.

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