Superhero Politics

Rouse yourselves from your codeine induced stupor! The 71st Rock TV has arrived!

Blowhard political host Saxony Beauregard hosts his program live from the Superhero Convention where Awesome Man prepares to accept the Superhero nomination for President of the Galaxies to face the heavily-favored Evil Party Candidate Admiral Death!

Everybody got that?

The admittedly confounding, convoluted concept aside, this was a chance to have a lot of fun with the coverage of this year’s election while making some goofy superhero jokes. The real challenge in this video was trying to match the pacing and overload of a cable news show while keeping our video coherent. We spent a ton of time in the editing stage with this one, deciding which gags to keep and trying to work out the right graphic look – cluttered but smooth.

Lots of credit to Kevin, who knew exactly what he was going for with this character (could we really have cast anybody else for the role?), and I think Ted did a nice job as the menacing (but specific) Admiral Death.

Favorite moments:
-Awesome Man’s commercial is a definite highlight, especially his “Noooo!” moment.

-Saxony’s interview with Admiral Death really hits on a number of satirical issues we were going after – I think there’s a lot of good writing there.
-Professor Tickles!


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2 Responses to Superhero Politics

  1. Roger says:

    I like the peaceful scenes behind Admiral Death. I noticed fluffy kitten and Care Bears.

    Also, it was very rude of Harry the Hick to interrupt Bev’s question. :inno:

  2. sarah says:

    Great now every time I see Todd I’ll think of Professor Tickles :)

    No, there could be no better role for Kevin to play.
    Loved your speech about killing zombies.

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