Another Brownie Meltdown

Somebody brought brownies into the workroom this morning! Hooray!

Give the brownies to me! I will eat them!

Yum. These brownies are delicious! They taste like chocolate and my father’s kind reassurances!

Now I am taking the entire pan of brownies into the bathroom with me! Leave me alone! I love brownies so bad!

Stop yelling at me! Let go of me!

Give me back the brownies! You can’t give me detention, I’m a history teacher!

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2 Responses to Another Brownie Meltdown

  1. scott says:

    were those the brownies you stole from the lady at Car Max? now the brownie bathroom time makes sense, they were laced with a horse laxative.

  2. Roger says:

    I was expecting a post about the melting flesh of small pixie-like creatures. So disappointing.

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