I’m Going to Party Camp!

Hey man, where you going?

I know where I’m going. That’s right, I’m going to Party Camp!

When I say I’m going to Party Camp, I am of course referring to the blockbuster 1987 film starring Andrew Ross as Jerry Riviera, the zany camp counselor who’s always on the lookout for a party, or the babe of his dreams! You won’t believe the summer adventures that Jerry has with loveable losers Winslow, D.A., Ferris, and the Ned-Man! They keep the jocks buried up to their armpits in hijinks!

It’s all there for you in this clip: the amateurish film editing, sub-amateurish acting, and the show-up-on-the-set-and-we’ll-think-of-some-jokes writing!

Listen to the timeless words of the movie’s beloved theme song, presumably written by Bob Dylan after having suffered some sort of blunt force head trauma:

I’m going to party camp, breaking all the rules!
Forget about your parents, have a good time!
Party camp!

Incidentally, Party Camp’s director, Gary Graver, went on to publish a book called Making Movies With Orson Welles, about his stint doing unpaid work for Welles in the early 1970s. No word yet on if the book details Graver’s prolific career directing adult films in the 1990s.

Party Camp!

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3 Responses to I’m Going to Party Camp!

  1. Thom says:

    Um…he directed a movie called Driving Miss Daisy Crazy Again. Um…wow. They really will mine any film concept for that industry.

    Apparently for Corky Pigeon (he played Winslow) it killed his career. He had the high point of being a regular on Silver Spoons though. This was his last acting role according to the IMDB.

    And then there is Andrew Ross, who parlayed his Party Camp role into a guest appearance on an episode of Fox’s critically acclaimed 21 Jump Street. And then nothing.

    In fact, it appears most of the cast managed to take their careers off the rails with an appearance on a Fox show or Murder She Wrote.

    But thanks for bringing this memory up, a lot classic from my early days of High School. I always appreciated the realism, as it was a pretty accurate depiction of church camp.

  2. Andrew says:

    Thom, Actually it was a lunatic ex-wife who derailed my career….
    Andrew (Ross) Goldstein

    • peter says:


      A sincere thanks for visiting the JLP, and for your performance as Jerry Riviera. I’ve watched that movie a dozen or so times over the years and it has brought my friends and I much satisfaction.

      Sorry about the ex-wife. Better luck next time.

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