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The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes

Over winter break I’ve finally finished reading Amity Shlaes’ revelatory The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression. Shlaes’ basic premise is that while FDR’s New Deal had its successes, its biggest impact was in prolonging and exacerbating … Continue reading

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2008 Music Roundup

2008 was a banner year for music around the Welle household. Well, it was for me at least. I don’t know that my wife listened to any music this year. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen her since … Continue reading

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Post-Christmas Musings

I’m writing this the evening after Christmas from the airport Holiday Inn in Bloomington, Illinois, on our way home from spending the holiday with Bridgette’s sister’s family. Like experiencing a remorseful post-coital spooning from St. Nick, I am gloomy and … Continue reading

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Words from the Landon

Hey gang, it’s me, Michael Landon. That’s right, I’m communicating with you via Peter’s blog despite the fact that I died of cancer back in ’91. Those were heady days, before the twist ending of The Sixth Sense, before Michael … Continue reading

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Winter Break Dawns

It’s the last day of school in 2008! Suck on it! Up next? Two straight weeks of craven gluttony, godless consumption, and shiftless sloth. Pants will be unbuttoned to facilitate more ample feedings, and pies will be gobbled up like … Continue reading

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A Dumpling Meltdown

Happy holidays, my friends! Here, enjoy this plump, succulent dumpling! It’s on me! Yikes. That don’t look too good, does it? Well, maybe you don’t have to actually eat it. How about you just run your fingers through it for … Continue reading

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