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A Simple Backrub Request

Give me a backrub! Seriously you guys, my back hurts. On the left side, just underneath my shoulder blade. Get over here and rub it. Don’t just stand there like a gang of mouth-breathing troglodytes! Roll up your sleeves, dip … Continue reading

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At last, it has been accomplished. Let me grasp and ruggedly embrace each and every one of you by turn, for this is post number 1,000 on the John Larroquette Project. The tears are flowing freely now as the magnitude … Continue reading

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A Weekend Alone

I spent the weekend at home, alone, disoriented and ashamed. But perhaps I should explain. Bridgette took off Saturday morning to Minnesota’s non-depressing Iron Range, spending time with her sister, visiting from out of state. I stayed home, because I … Continue reading

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Three String Chord videos

Hot off the VCR, here are a couple videos from Three String Chord’s debut concert last week! Here’s us doing Save Me, a song of mine from back in the old Welmore Mile days… And here’s us slip-sliding our way … Continue reading

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Thicke’s Return

Hey gang, I’m back. The older, depressed Alan Thicke. I’ll admit that the last time I spoke to you wasn’t my shining hour. I’ll come right out and say it – I was on a pretty crazy speedball binge at … Continue reading

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Europe Rules

Take my hand, all you children across the world! Join with me as we celebrate diversity! Let us squeal with delight as we twirl about and dance beneath the shadowless rainbows of eternity! Diversity makes us feel at one with … Continue reading

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