A Mongolian Makeover, Minus the Mare Meat

Kneel, feeble city-dwellers! I, Genghis Khan have conquered the John Larroquette Project!

I am winking at you!

Now, celebrate my conquest with me! We will drink deeply from the sweetly fermented mare’s milk of my people! The milkbooze will drip down our chin-whiskers as we gulp down its warming thickness! Together, we will imbibe heedlessly until we vomit forth the white, milky sourness upon the dusty ground! We shall also shatter the skulls of our blogging enemies and violate their wretched children!

Then we shall go out for buffalo wings!

But first, let me make my inaugural entry into the blogging world:

Don’t you guys just hate sitting in traffic? I was driving home last night, and I was like, “Hello! The speed limit is 60, why are we all going 25?” It was really frustrating for a while, so I listened to Cities 97 to help me calm down. They were playing a Sheryl Crow song. She’s all right, I guess.

Then I kidnapped the wife of my tribal enemy and boiled her alive.

I really hate traffic.


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4 Responses to A Mongolian Makeover, Minus the Mare Meat

  1. G-Khan! Wazzup brutha! You still dating that virgin whose family you beheaded?

    Anyway, I started a blog, most reviewing audio equipment. Check it out, and linky-backey if appreciatey… I’ll update my blogroll to if you keep it goin’…


    Later, Smalls.

  2. Christine says:

    Where’s the butterfly entry?

    Yesterday I told Jim about your butterfly query, which, after reading your entry, became my query. And he told me they poop in the air while they’re flying around and it just looks like dust. Which caused a complete flip out on my part. How much butterfly poop are each of us consuming on a daily basis? This, I ask you! I THINK A LOT.

  3. peter says:

    Dude, the butterfly entry sucked. Genghis Khan rules.

  4. Jordan says:

    I loved your triumphal/inaugural entry into blogging. That perfectly sums up the majority of crap out there.

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