Truman Musings

Hey gang, Harry Truman here.

I'm a rascal.

You know, everybody likes to remember me for my saying, “the buck stops here”. Well, there’s a lot more to me than just that. I remember when I was escalating the Korean Conflict by invading North Korea in 1950, I said to mysel-

No! NO!



I, Genghis Khan, have beheaded your beloved Tru-Man!


Behold! I hold aloft the dripping head of Tru-Man! All who do not show proper reverence and pay tribute to me shall meet a similar fate! The John Larroquette Project is my dominion! I am Universal Ruler!

I have thrown the Tru-Man’s head upon the pile of my enemies that I shall now urinate on!

Yesssssssssssss! My urine is splashing all over their dead faces! I delight in this atrocity!

Check back later on, guys. I’m going to blog about how much I love coffee.

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One Response to Truman Musings

  1. Unspar says:

    How are there no comments on this? This one’s up there with your “Now There’s Only Love in the Dark” post. Absolutely brilliant.

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