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Big Tomorrow!

A student of mine recently made a trip to Japan with his family, and he brought back a gift for me – the newest issue of Japan’s favorite business and pop culture magazine, Big Tomorrow. I’ll tell you, perusing this … Continue reading

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Legitimate Historical Questions

Hey, what’s up with the ancient Olmecs of Central America? Why’d they leave behind a landscape littered with mysterious colossal heads? Why did they flourish for a thousand years until 400 BC? Why didn’t they invent the wheel? Everything just … Continue reading

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Olden Time Delights

Hey, look! What a peculiar photograph! This whispy-haired gent is wearing a fanciful sash and holding a feather picked specially for you! What is the significance of this? Could it be some message to you from the distant past, like … Continue reading

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My Heir

We’re having a boy! Bridgette and I had our ultrasound yesterday, and it was most pleasing. The lady-technician pointed at a blurry gray blob on her monitor and told us it was a penis. Straining our eyes, we nodded vaguely … Continue reading

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Dandelion Seppuku

The dandelions came back again, again! Those golden-faced, nutrient-sucking bastards… Somehow, the dandelions in my lawn have survived more direct toxin squirts than Wilford Brimley’s toilet bowl. By now, most of them look wriggled and weak, but still they return … Continue reading

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Monday Morning

I sit here in a darkened room sullenly typing this Monday morning message for a multitude of miserly misanthropes. With a dour expression on my face, I silently consume a heaping bowl of Froot Loops; their bright, sugary tang an … Continue reading

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