Olden Time Delights

Hey, look!

Olden times.

What a peculiar photograph! This whispy-haired gent is wearing a fanciful sash and holding a feather picked specially for you! What is the significance of this? Could it be some message to you from the distant past, like Doc Brown’s letter to Marty at the end of Back to the Future, Part II? What could the startled, slightly unnerved look in this man’s eye be? Perhaps he had just been told about America’s purchase of Alaska?

I suppose this man, whoever he was, is dead by now. I wonder what he died from? AIDS? Some sort of feather-related fatality? Whatever the cause, I’m sure this guy had it coming. I mean, look at that mustache! I’ll bet St. Pete took one look at this fellow’s mustache and sent him straight to hell. That’s justice the way it should be – fast, arbitrary, and irreversable.

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  1. repinvarie says:

    Hi, outgoing posts there :-) thank’s for the intriguing advice

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