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A Farewell to My Stereo

I had to say goodbye to my stereo today. I received it as a Christmas gift from my parents back in 1992. The world was a simpler place back then – back before the Unabomber, before Y2K, before the Scary … Continue reading

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Stealing Lincoln’s Body by Thomas Craughwell

My wife was working this weekend, and I ended up spending all my time sitting in my sunroom engrossed in Thomas Craughwell’s excellent book Stealing Lincoln’s Body. The text is a spare, compelling account of a bizarre 1876 attempt to … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson

At one point during in school last year I had a hard time explaining to my students how Michael Jackson could have been such a cool, universally beloved figure in the 80s – they had grown up with the absolutely … Continue reading

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My Dog Adventure

Do you see this dog? This regal beast is the property of my in-laws, the man and woman who tenderly bore and raised my beloved wife. The dog’s name is Mausi (or Mitsy, or Muffins, or something similarly inscrutable). Anyway, … Continue reading

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The Rock TV Sitcom

Fresh from our oven of sadness, a piping hot pile of new Rock TV! From the moment the writing team solidified the concept, this video was a lot of fun to produce. We enjoyed getting to riff on stale sitcom … Continue reading

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Ten Hidden McCartney Gems

Sorry folks, no goofy post today. I’m actually going ahead with a post I’ve long been ruminating on: my top ten Paul McCartney songs you probably don’t know but should definitely check out. For years, McCartney struggled to garner much … Continue reading

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