The Rock TV Sitcom

Fresh from our oven of sadness, a piping hot pile of new Rock TV!

From the moment the writing team solidified the concept, this video was a lot of fun to produce. We enjoyed getting to riff on stale sitcom conventions and pay homage to some of the shows we grew up with. We also enjoyed watching Todd in a mullet wig.

At this point, I’m very happy with where this video ended up. There was some discussion among the editors as to whether the ending works – it’s fairly dark and disconnected from the rest of the video. My feeling is that I like it when Rock TV goes weird, and there’s enough solid material in the video otherwise to excuse an indulgent, alienating conclusion where I yell at Jordan once again

Some of my favorite bits from the video:

-The writing team’s satisfaction with Christine’s suggestion to steal ideas.

-Leroy’s performances during the sitcom’s opening sequence when he drops the boxes – it’s pure Dick Van Dyke.

-The Luck Dragon reference slays me.

-The entire character of Smetka is the single greatest Rock TV development of the past several years, in my opinion. Stay tuned for more Smetka appearances to come.


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  1. jamie says:

    i think it is brilliant. but I may be biased

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