Michael Jackson

At one point during in school last year I had a hard time explaining to my students how Michael Jackson could have been such a cool, universally beloved figure in the 80s – they had grown up with the absolutely bizarre behavior and child molestation charges surrounding him, and never got a chance to experience Michael Jackson as The Most Talented Man on the Planet.

As a kid in rural Minnesota, I idolized certain pop cultural figures like he and Kirby Puckett. Turns out both of them had their demons, but there weren’t any bigger in my world when I was young.

Well, now Michael Jackson is dead at age 50. He is survived by his children Blanket, Pickle, and Rainbow Bright.

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3 Responses to Michael Jackson

  1. William W. says:

    My first album was Thriller on vinyl. It’s still at my mom and dads house. Really a sad day in music! I bet your school kids would be freaking if it was Britney…

  2. Adam O says:

    You know, I never really was a fan of Michael Jackson. I never bought a tape/CD or watched “Thriller” all the way through. As a kid I thought he was weird. I did like “ABC” though–but I am not sure how much creative input he had on that one. I am not sure how he became (and remained) so popular. Still, he is a tragic figure, and I am sad that he died.

  3. Tami says:

    I did’t grow up listening to MJ since we were strict country fans in my house, so I agree with your school kids. I don’t understand why a alleged pedophile is so revered, despite his musical talents. I’m more sad for the tragedy that was his life.

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