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Rock TV Archives: The Road Trip Videos

Behold, two more moldy morsels fallen from the unkempt beards of the Rock TV gods! The Road Trip (1999): The Road Trip 2 (2000) Back in the early days of the Rock, these were perhaps the most beloved Rock TVs … Continue reading

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The Grossbeard

As you’ve probably already assumed, Bridgette and I spent part of last evening watching Season 2 of Family Ties on DVD. The highlight of our experience was a new featurette about Michael Gross’s beard. I’m not kidding. Michael Gross detailed … Continue reading

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Inaccurate Hamburger Musings

Guess what I had for dinner tonight? Hamburgers! These weren’t regular hamburgers, though! There wasn’t any ham in them at all! These hamburgers were made with meat. Bridgette told me that the meat came from a cow-beast. I asked her … Continue reading

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Neil Diamond Gems

Of all the things my long-suffering wife has had to endure in our marriage, surely the strangest must be my genuine enjoyment of the works of Mr. Neil Diamond. Yes, I know about the sparkly shirts, I’m aware of his … Continue reading

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More Old Rock TVs!

Two more soggy leavings from the Rock TV litterbox! The Viewmaster (2005) 100 Years of the Rock (2003): These two videos aren’t quite as old as some of the other videos from the archives that I’ve been dusting off, but … Continue reading

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Birthday Confusion

It’s my birthday! Take me to Shakey’s! Give me a quarter so I can play Centipede! What? My birthday was yesterday? But I wasted yesterday wandering around a SuperAmerica parking lot talking to strangers about Shakey’s pizza and pooping in … Continue reading

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