More Old Rock TVs!

Two more soggy leavings from the Rock TV litterbox!

The Viewmaster (2005)

100 Years of the Rock (2003):

These two videos aren’t quite as old as some of the other videos from the archives that I’ve been dusting off, but they’re each worth revisiting.

The Viewmaster video left a bad taste in my mouth for a long time because we just didn’t execute it properly. I went ahead and removed a lengthy set of Leroy-as-dog gags that never really worked, and the video is MUCH better for it. It feels faster, sillier, and certainly closer to the original vision of the writing team. This shortened version of the video is quite strong, in my opinion.

The 100 Years video was flagged by YouTube last year for using copyrighted music, so I’ve removed the offending song, and removed about 30 seconds from the rest of the video. While this one is a bit plodding, it has its merits. Jeromy Darling’s performance as the old-timey preacher at the beginning is great, and this video features the first appearance of Pastortron 9000 and the Jesus Cops (characters we later expounded upon upon at length).

Back when the 100 Years video first aired (at the 2003 Rock retreat) we caught some flak for Todd’s performance as an increasingly-drunk host. Looking back, we might have been a bit insensitive, given the number of recovering addicts in the audience, but it’s still a damn funny job by Todd.


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2 Responses to More Old Rock TVs!

  1. tim hopps says:

    Since no one commented on this post, I will use the space to conduct personal business. Peter, would you be interested in playing more gigs with me? (If you’re not still angry with me for calling you “pudgy” in that other RockTV).

    Oh, I do have comment about “100 Years of The Rock”: whoever thought of the gag where it says “Tom Hipps” in 1903, implying that I was actually around since then: Brilliant… bastard.

    And in “View Master” (highly under-rated), my favorite part is where Kevin, as Siding Man, does the “AWAAAAAAAYYYY…..” thing and then just turns and walks away.

  2. peter says:


    Yeah, let’s book another show or two. That was fun that one time, after we were betrayed by the Dark One. ;)

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