Rock TV Archives: The Road Trip Videos

Behold, two more moldy morsels fallen from the unkempt beards of the Rock TV gods!

The Road Trip (1999):

The Road Trip 2 (2000)

Back in the early days of the Rock, these were perhaps the most beloved Rock TVs of them all. They were each played to kick off the big summer retreat (back when we had Rock retreats) and the audiences were rabidly enthusiastic at that moment, so they went over really well. When I reflect on these particular videos (I was merely a fan of Rock TV at that point, not a member) I remember the goofball energy of the retreats that these helped stoke. They aren’t necessarily the strongest videos in the world, but they were important for the ministry, and for our church.

The first Road Trip video is a pretty straightforward deal – “Hey Rock TV gang, let’s pile in the car and head on down to the Rock retreat!” For a number of technical reasons, this is the best-made of the early Rock TVs. The highlight for me is certainly the performance by Todd, who had just joined the ministry, particularly the shot of him in the darkened trunk – in fact, that’s one of my favorite shots in the history of the ministry.

The Road Trip 2 probably remains the most ambitious project Rock TV has ever attempted. Portions of the video were filmed in Arizona and Germany (Todd grabbed them on his world travels). More notably, prior to the retreat the video was only completed up to the 7:35 mark of what you see here. Everything after that was a closed-circut feed taped at the actual retreat itself as the video played. I was in the auditorium when Todd popped out of that box, and I can tell you that the reaction was epic.


…I’m not convinced that Road Trip 2 is a particularly funny video. It’s a bit too self-congratulatory and reliant on callbacks to earlier videos (including the Road Trip, Mattress Police and Ninja Salesman) and there just aren’t many jokes. Still, the video was an impressive technical feat (and the fact that they beat the hell out of a car for a Rock TV is pretty cool).

NOTE: I’ve shortened Road Trip 2 by nearly two minutes from its original length, both to avoid some issues with copyrighted music (the sound is a bit peculiar on this version, unfortunately) and to remove stretches of the video where nothing happened.


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6 Responses to Rock TV Archives: The Road Trip Videos

  1. tim hopps says:

    Wow. You can’t imagine the memories and good feelings that rushed in when I watched those vids. Those early days of The Rock, and the comraderie of those first retreats (the second one at which I got baptized) may well have been the best times of my life. I can only hope and pray that I experience something that special again in my lifetime. I also acknowledge that if it hadn’t been for the Rock, I wouldn’t know some of my favorite people, including Peter.

    At the risk of making this comment way too long, I want to share a funny story from the first retreat. Todd Luker and I were rooming together. I was scheduled lead worship Sunday morning, and was supposed to be at rehearsal at 8am, with worship beginning at 9. Of course, we had been up way too late the night before, and as I groggily awoke, I asked Tim Grunditz, who had poked his head in our door, what time it was. “Five to nine.” NO!! I jumped out of bed, throwing clothes on, thinking because I missed rehearsal I would probably not be allowed to lead the morning’s worship set, and then I stopped in front of the mirror to pop in my earrings. Luker then hollered at me, “YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO ACCESSORIZE!!!” So, eventually I’m onstage greeting my incoming fellow Rockers, and I mentioned something about doing my best to lead even though I hadn’t had time for my coffee, and a couple of minutes later, Shelley Mochal brought a cup of coffee up to the stage and set it down in front of me, God bless her!

  2. peter says:

    I remember those earrings. They brought me closer to the Lord. Thank you for wearing them that morning.

  3. Ryan says:

    I have two “insider” comments to help explain the lack of jokes in these videos:
    1. For retreat videos, we often were intentionally very self-aware and threw in lots of references to past Rock TVs. We felt like the retreat was our chance to do so, since very few people at the retreat are going to be newbies who would be seeing their first Rock TV.
    2. You also must remember that these were produced during the pre-script years. We would basically have one meeting to come up with an idea, or at most, a rough outline. Then we’d just get together and shoot some stuff. I’m not making this up.

  4. Adam O says:

    I love the beat up car. I think we should bring that back for another RockTV.

  5. Ryan says:

    The car needs its own spin-off.

  6. peter says:

    What in the planet?

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