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He Is…I Say by David Wild

This Saturday I was able to relax and read through Rolling Stone editor David Wild’s 2008 book He Is…I Say: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Neil Diamond. Let me make this clear off the bat – this … Continue reading

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His Excellency by Joseph Ellis

During pauses from becoming completely mentally and financially prepared for fatherhood, I’ve had the pleasure of breezing through Joseph Ellis’s His Excellency, a fine, modestly-sized biography of America’s great unknowable founder, George Washington. Ellis has written a wonderful book that … Continue reading

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School Pictures

Time to order school pictures! Let’s take a look at a few of my options this year, now that my school has decided to snazz things up with the help of a new company. Wow, look at that. I look … Continue reading

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Television Now Available!

Your favorite television shows are back with new episodes! You like that show with the crazy boss? Tune in to see his latest hijinks! You like the show with the crazy boss who is stupid too? Tune in at a … Continue reading

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On Chicken

Have you guys ever had chicken before? I just had some chicken. It’s good! It’s not salty like pork or dry like cat food. The chicken I had was special. It was processed and wadded and glazed with honey barbeque … Continue reading

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If You’re Not Getting, Get Going!

Gather near, slobbering troll-beasts, and writhe in the presence of the new Rock TV! This is another of our ham-fisted “message videos”, similar in approach to the old “Jaded Dating Tips” video we did back in 2005. While perhaps a … Continue reading

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