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Halloween Draws Nigh

Look out, Halloween is right around the corner! In eager expectation of this accursed eve, lanterns have been lit, skulls have been hung, and goats have been violated in the seasonal aisles of Wal-Mart by unenthusiastic employees! Before we know … Continue reading

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On Oatmeal, Again

Now let us turn to the subject of oatmeal. In the dark and forboding twilight hours of sleepless fatherhood, my precious oatmeal has been my only true companion. Alone, illuminated by the shameful blue light of my laptop and accompanied … Continue reading

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Law & Order Pleasantness

There’s nothing like a Law & Order marathon to make you feel all warm and smushy inside, is there? Law & Order has everything I love – grizzled irony, child rapists, and characters who lie. On top of that, each … Continue reading

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Hoaxes and Shame and Potsie

Let me understand this correctly, a Colorado man has perpetrated a hoax by which he pretended to accidentally launch a helium-filled, UFO-shaped balloon into the sky? And the balloon was supposed to somehow contain his six year old son? And … Continue reading

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Fatherhood Musings

Though sleep and free time are not things I have in excess these days, I thought I’d take a moment to update the ol’ JLP with some musings on being a new dad. If these aren’t funny enough for you, … Continue reading

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More Oliver Pics

Hey guys, I have a number of ideas I hope to elaborate on for this blog, but the last 72 hours has been the most crazy, hectic, amazing time of my life. It’s hard to catch a few moments to … Continue reading

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