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Estimated Property Damage Inflicted in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

In this blog’s grand tradition of ceaselessly providing essential public services, here is a detailed invoice of the estimated property damage inflicted in the 1989 hit film National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (in 2009 dollars): -Windows shattered by the unveiling of … Continue reading

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Imagined Blogs

This blog has become an albatross. I lay prostrate before you, gentle readers, to yet again apologize for the lack of new content on the John Larroquette Project. The horribly oppressive millstones of fatherhood and professional employment remain such that … Continue reading

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The Last Christmas

Can Mussolini save Christmas? Little Benito got caught with his fingers in Santa’s enchanted pickle jar, and now it’s up to him to save Christmas! Santa can’t help! He is chained down to Satan’s Throne of Skulls until Mussolini can … Continue reading

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My Runestone

Join with me as I carve a runestone that my name might last to eternity! I have obtained this half-ton stone of the finest obsidian – it shall serve as a permanent testament to my strength and valor. My name … Continue reading

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The Texas Weightloss Massacre

Come! Trudge dead-eyed into the courtyard for another forced viewing of a new Rock TV! This was a fun little idea for a Hallween video that we wrote and produced alongside our If You’re Not Getting, Get Going! video. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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More Fatherhood Musings

First of all, I apologize about my absence from blogging. Life has been a whirlwind of repeated hospitalizations for my wife, catching up at work, and absentminded child-rearing. Here are a few inerrant notes on fatherhood: -They aren’t kidding when … Continue reading

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