More Fatherhood Musings

First of all, I apologize about my absence from blogging. Life has been a whirlwind of repeated hospitalizations for my wife, catching up at work, and absentminded child-rearing.

Here are a few inerrant notes on fatherhood:

-They aren’t kidding when they say that having a baby keeps you busy. Don’t get me wrong – being a dad is great, and it makes being home with my family so much more fun and meaningful, but I don’t have time for ANYTHING anymore. Between everything going on, I somehow managed to forget to shower for almost 4 days. Probably 75% of my daily caloric intake comes in the form of breakfast cereal. My conversations with co-workers have grown terse and clipped as my energy levels have fallen below Stojko Vrankovic levels.

Me, now.

-Various friends from our church have been bringing us meals to help us manage the craziness. This is the greatest thing ever since Kirby Puckett straddled my childhood dreams like a plump collosus. Our refrigerator stands at the ready with disposable tupperware containers containing all varieties of foods, from Mexican to Italian to slightly different Mexican. All I have to do is serve myself up an oversized portion, pop it in the microwave, and the world is my Mexican oyster.

-Thankfully, there has been no drama between Oliver and our two lazy, obtuse cats. Their ears perk up whenever he cries, and if the crying goes on long enough they will each retire to their basement crapboxes for some peace and quiet. Curiously, Ben Franklin has shown some interest in the bottle nipples – several times we have caught him nibbling at them as they hang on the drying rack in the sink. For this, he has been thrashed mercilessly.

-From what we can gather thus far, Oliver is a communicative person who likes to be held, enjoys music, and whose poop looks like butternut squash soup with seeds in it. In other words, he’s a classic Libra!

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One Response to More Fatherhood Musings

  1. General Mills says:

    Excellent! All is going to plan!

    “Probably 75% of my daily caloric intake comes in the form of breakfast cereal.”

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