The Texas Weightloss Massacre

Come! Trudge dead-eyed into the courtyard for another forced viewing of a new Rock TV!

This was a fun little idea for a Hallween video that we wrote and produced alongside our If You’re Not Getting, Get Going! video. Unfortunately, a bit of bad administrative work by me (exacerbated by the fact that apparantly I’m busy now) meant that the video got bumped from the Rock’s service the night before Halloween to make time for some silly little thing where two new pastors were officially recognized by the church.

Regardless of the scheduling snafus, here are some of my thoughts on the newest Rock TV:

-While I find the finished video to be a bit choppy and unclear at points, there are certainly elements to it that I love. As usual, Todd’s trailer trash testimonial performance demonstrated his uniquely talented abilities to deliver a laugh. His “my cats just love my new leg nub” is by far my favorite line in the video.

-The dark tone in the second half of the video is something I liked. Some members of the ministry worried that it was getting too dark and grim for church-laughs, and so we leavened it a bit with some lighter music at points. That probably helped, but I wonder if it might have been more fun to go “all in” on the violence and death (not that it would have been any more popular).

-The production of this video was a personal challenge for me because I was making a very conscious effort to step back and allow others to take the lead in writing, production, and editing. I’m usually a notorious control freak in this ministry, but that doesn’t really bode well for the future of Rock TV as my free time gets more and more eaten up with family endeavors. This video represented a worthwhile opportunity for others to edit and make the sorts of decisions that I usually manage. It was hard, but very good for me. Kudos to everybody that put in work on this one.

-When we were in production with this one, I summarized it to my wife as “an infomercial for an excercise product that’s really just a psychopath with a chainsaw who chases you into shape”. After she watched it, her only comment was, “You never actually show him chasing anyone”. Leave it to her to point out the massive, gaping hole in the video that nobody in the ministry seemed to notice. Thanks, honey.

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4 Responses to The Texas Weightloss Massacre

  1. Guy Incognito says:

    The chasing is implied. It’s scarier this way. Has Bridgette ever seen a Hitchcock film? :)

  2. Thom says:

    Yeah. We were trying to be all like.. Hitchcock. Part of me still thinks we should have gone all out for the torture porn laugh fest and had the psychopath standing behind you trying to choose a weapon during your testimony. I mean, what is funnier than Saw or Hostel? A Katherine Heigl romantic comey?

  3. peter says:

    I think that having the Chainsaw Man man standing mute behind me during that shot would actually have been a pretty great idea. Too bad we didn’t think of that.

    And yes, I told Bridgette that our restraint actually amped up the tension. This video is like Rear Window in that way.

  4. tim hopps says:

    Because of the absence of him chasing anyone, to me it gave the impression that the weight loss is only from severed limbs… but not all the “clients” had severed limbs, so to me it was a bit confusing. Losing the weight from running away didn’t occur to me. Perhaps a re-write, re-shoot and re-edit? I’m sure it’s in the budget.

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