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Paul McCartney: A Life by Peter Ames Carlin

This has been a Christmas break filled with shoveling, sleeplessness, and a sickly infant. Probably not my favorite, most restful week ever. On the bright side, I did have a chance to cruise through Peter Ames Carlin’s new biography, Paul … Continue reading

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My Crying Child

Bridgette and I are going on 70+ hours of Oliver crying inconsolably whenever he isn’t sleeping. He had a cold, then got another cold, and now has a sore throat. We’ve tried soothing him every way we can, but the … Continue reading

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The Pickle Strainer

Bridgette and I have returned from our family’s Christmas celebration with a bundle of lovely gifts and a sick baby in tow. Everything proceded splendidly with the exception of our child’s untimely illness and the injury I sustained from eating … Continue reading

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Favorite Music of 2009

I am among several people who enjoys listening to music. I will now summarize for you, the sensual, gyrating masses, my favorite new music of 2009. Feel free to obtain this music for yourself and thank me later when your … Continue reading

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Early Arrival

It appears that I’m the first person to arrive for work today. As I write this, it is 6:40am and I’m sitting in a dimly-lit workroom, still bundled and bloated in my winter coat like a sentient, depressed Chipotle burrito. … Continue reading

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Forgotten Martin

Yesterday, in the company of my two brothers, we spent considerable time playing historical trivia games (via the excellent, as brothers and dorks are wont to do. My assigned challenge was to name all 44 U.S. presidents from memory. … Continue reading

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