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My Annual Cold Weather in January Post

Cold enough for you? Blast, it’s cold outside! It’s colder than a witch’s mammary gland! When that frigid air hits your lungs, it feels like Reggie Jackson taking his 35oz. Louisville Slugger to your ribs! It ain’t natural! It’s so … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Bullet Hole

Gather around, children of all ethnicities! Come and see the wonderful gift of North Minneapolis! It’s a bullet hole in our garage! Yes, that’s right! On Saturday night, the North Minneapolis Fairy fired a gun near our home and teens … Continue reading

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The Favreing

Back in 2004, I wrote a smug little post about Brett Favre having tossed up an idiotic interception at crunch time in the playoffs. In 2008, I took more digs after it appeared that another foolish interception in a Packers … Continue reading

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Goosey Goosey Gander

Last night I was reading a book of nursery rhymes to Oliver before putting him to bed. This has become something that I enjoy tremendously, not so much for the father-son bonding, but for the fact that so many of … Continue reading

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The Silly Goose

Hey look! Its a goose! Are you a silly goose? Yes you are a silly goose! You waddle and frolic in the sunshine puddles! You love to eat bread don’t you, you silly goose? All you ever do is eat … Continue reading

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American Icicle

On this most glorious Sunday morning, Bridgette and I returned from our workout to find the most majestic, awesome icicle ever beheld by human eyes hanging from our very own garage. Estimated by scientists to measure more than 15 feet … Continue reading

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