The Favreing

Back in 2004, I wrote a smug little post about Brett Favre having tossed up an idiotic interception at crunch time in the playoffs.

In 2008, I took more digs after it appeared that another foolish interception in a Packers loss in overtime of the NFC Championship game would be his last throw as an NFL quarterback.

Then tonight, with 19 seconds to play in a tie game and the ball on the Saints 38 yard line. Favre rolled out to the right, and instead of taking the 5 or 6 yards of open field, he threw a stupid pass back into the middle of the field to hand the ball and the momentum back to the Saints. On a night when the Vikings had dominated every statistical category except the all-important turnovers, their two biggest players couldn’t carry their water, and all my years of mockery washed back over me like a tidal wave of urine from drunken Wisconsinites.

Now I lay prone, soaked in bitter irony and long-prophecied sorrow. I will fight my way through this unhappy night and arise tomorrow a new, stronger man. Though this blog’s bad karma hath wrought a severe punishment upon Vikings fans, I will continue to carry on writing distasteful blog entries that nobody enjoys reading. I am oblivious to the lessons of defeat, much like the liberal wing of the Democratic party.

So tonight, I say, “See you in hell, Brett Favre. I no longer hate you, but neither shall I ever again snuggle into your whiskery affections.”

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6 Responses to The Favreing

  1. Adam says:

    I think its a conspiracy. Ted Thompson didn’t want Favre to come back to Green Bay so he would go play for the Vikes and the DO THE EXACT SAME THING in the NFC championship. HE THREW THE GAME!!!! Damn you Favre!!!

  2. peter says:

    Looking at it today, it’s clear that Favre was getting the hell knocked out of him and that he had made a ton of great plays without which they wouldn’t have been in position to win. BUT, that last play was just a killer.

  3. tim hopps says:

    Any miscue that happens in the heat of battle (a fumble, an interception, etc.) is excusable. But I don’t know if I can get past “12 men in the huddle”. DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN


  4. scott says:

    It was an amazing game. I felt lucky with the ending for sure. I thought both teams made their shares of mistakes, and it just came down to one big one at the end. Favre was getting drilled again and again, and yet still was there at the end. I can’t fault him for getting taped up and leaving it on the field.

  5. Adam says:

    Yeah, it was a good game, but one that was so utterly painful to watch as a Vikings fan. I mean I never thought I’d see the day where I was screaming at the top of my lungs for AP to be benched at Chester Taylor to take every single hand off.

  6. scott says:

    trust me, sitting there as a Saints fan watching that last drive, i felt like the Jew from Saving Private Ryan, as the Nazi Brett Favre plunged the knife deep into my chest whispering sweet nothings.

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