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Bridgette left me at home alone last night with the boy and a short list of chores. Among them was to finish the laundry, and to assist me she left me a helpful note of the items that should not … Continue reading

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Cat Love

Late last night, my wife was awakened by an unnatural love. Ben Franklin, having been denied the affections of his masters since the arrival of their son, took a firm grasp on his feminine friend Mona and attempted to take … Continue reading

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Presidents Day

Today is Presidents Day, where we honor Abraham Lincoln for slowly plunging a dagger between Jefferson Davis’ ribs to bring a just end to the War Between the States. Also, the other presidents are honored. As a history teacher by … Continue reading

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Raisin-Related Meanderings

Check out this awesome raisin, you guys! Wow! Don’t you just want to put that fat, wrinkly son of a bitch in your mouth and suck it? It’s even better than normal since it has brown sugar all over it! … Continue reading

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A Reconsideration

Yesterday, a friend suggested that my blog posts have recently taken on a dark, sour overtone. After I told my friend to shut up and mind his own business, I wondered if perhaps he had a point, so I went … Continue reading

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Tuesday Morning Double Stack

Whose groin do I have to punch to get a Wendy’s Double Stack around here? I know that it’s 8am, and I know there’s a snowstorm outside, but I’m about to start snapping some femurs if I don’t see a … Continue reading

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