A Reconsideration

Yesterday, a friend suggested that my blog posts have recently taken on a dark, sour overtone.

After I told my friend to shut up and mind his own business, I wondered if perhaps he had a point, so I went back and re-read my posts from the last few weeks. There was a violent Wendy’s-related entry, a misanthropic post about you being ugly, a bitter rant about the bullet hole in our garage, and so on. So while my friend’s comment may have been accurate, I would suggest that they’re really no different than usual.

What is this person expecting out of my blog, anyway? Has this blog ever been particularly warm-hearted? Blogs themselves have become passé, so I use this site to entertain myself by riffing on the dozen or so disturbing, obsessive themes I’ve always written about, interspersed with the occasional book or music review. I’d like to think the audience for this blog has weeded itself out by this point (with the exception of my animal hoarding posts, which people continue to come across and get outraged about). In short, if you’re waiting for the JLP to become edifying, then you might as well start loading up your shotgun and find a comfortable recliner.

(See, there’s an example. I don’t even know what exactly that last comment means, other than it’s off-putting and anti-social. But I like how it sounds, and I get to chose to include it in my post because this is my blog and I pay for the domain.)

Perhaps the content has turned darker lately because of the pressures of being a new dad and my career and our delicate family finances. I usually end up writing these on bleak mornings at work between a million other responsibilities. I also know that if I don’t crank at least three of these out a week, then Tom Hipps starts riding my ass in the comments section. Trust me, there’s nothing I appreciate more than some ungrateful jerk looking for me to spend my precious free time churning out blog entries for his fleeting amusement.

So to my friend, perhaps my blog has become a grim, immoral place. Perhaps that’s how I like it. Perhaps if the Godfather’s Pizza by my house hadn’t closed, everything would be okay, but we’re in a recession and everything sucks right now because Godfather’s is slowly disappearing. Seriously, what do I have left?

On an unrelated note, please enjoy this video footage of me delighting in my son.

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7 Responses to A Reconsideration

  1. sarah says:

    It’s becoming a baby blog!!!!!!
    Just want to give you kudos for the Storyhill song. I’ve really enjoyed the songs of theirs you’ve highlighted through this blog. I don’t always have time to listen to every song everyone suggests. Think I may have to steal you idea and use this song for my next niece or nephew’s introduction video.

  2. peter says:

    That’s cool, Sarah. It was actually written as a wedding song (John wrote it for Chris’s wedding, if you can believe that) but it works for any dippy occasion.

  3. BDub Whaleman says:

    Two questions/comments…

    a) Do you know where I can get me a good shotgun? Coincidentally, I just had a baby myself (well, actually my wife) and after many consecutive nights of sleep I don’t trust anyone right now…

    b) I’ll forward you a email I got from some Nigerian Prince asking for my assistance in transferring some of his money into a local bank account. Believe it or not he was offering like 40k for my help. It sounded pretty urgent…possibly it could help ease your financial stress…?

  4. Thom says:

    I don’t understand why you haven’t sold the kid to Hollywood into slave labor as a baby actor. He’s way cuter than that (content deleted) E*Trade Baby. Solves them financial problems way better than my part time job as an exotic dancer.

  5. If this blog ever becomes edifying… just don’t, please?

  6. tim hopps says:

    Oh, that I would somehow be able to take the place of Oliver for just one sweet, ecstatic morning… the unbridled thrill of having you rudely awaken me, nuzzling me with your flea-ridden beard, sticking your dirty, snot-flavored finger in my mouth…

  7. john says:

    You are an excellent person, Peter Welle.

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