Rock TV: Unite Conference Promo

Avert your gaze, a new Rock TV is here! (sort of…)

This isn’t technically a Rock TV – it’s a promotional video for our church put together by the Rock TV team. The project was a bit of a challenge for us, in no small part because the ministry just recently started up again with an expanded leadership team after a 6-month pause precipated by the birth of a local boy named Oliver Welle. In addition, this project was assembled hastily and with more creative input by our incredible pastors, so there were a number of factors that made this different from other videos we’ve done. In the end, I think the restrictions were good for us, and forced us to work in a streamlined, spartan fashion. It certainly isn’t the funniest thing we’ve done, but it sells the message in a memorable way.

As far as my thoughts on the video, I enjoyed reprising a few elements from our old Revelation 9:11 video (most notably, Kevin’s droning pastor character who we referred to as “Rev. Leatherbound”). Also, I have to confess that I love getting the chance to pull out my “1940s announcer voice”. It’s one of those things that I enjoy and find funny, but don’t expect anyone else to (like Rock TV in general).

Anyway, here’s the video. We’re working up something dramatically different for our next video, so stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Rock TV: Unite Conference Promo

  1. Jordan says:

    haha the 1940’s announcer voice was great! I’ve never heard you do that.

  2. Thom says:

    Wait-is this a what could be? A what is? A scary alternate universe?! I don’t understand what is happening?! You’re all doomed! DOOMED I SAY!!!

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