Japanese Onion Slam

Okay everybody, it’s time to eat this!

It’s a Japanese paste-wich! Now featuring real onion flavor!

Japanese onion bread loaf has the tasty paste you crave! Slam it in your face and feel the onion rush!

With the flavor of the Orient and the texture of your toothpaste, you’ll cry seppuku tears! The very act of opening the package dishonors yourself!

Now in Cool Ranch and XTREME Cherry Blossom flavors!

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2 Responses to Japanese Onion Slam

  1. Emerson says:

    I had the fortunate chance of going to Japan for 2 weeks last Winter, and the unfortunate luck of facing the infamous and ubiquitous Japanese Red Bean paste in deserts – Yuck! It was crimson red when it went in my mouth, but came out a nice Turdy Brown on the way out – just like that delicious Onion Paste you are about to devour. My question: why eat it? Is there some primordial instinct that makes you want to eat poo, like how bitches eat their pups’ poop?

    (I was googling images for Univ. of Pennsyvlania Diploma frame and your site came-up. I figure what the hell… I might as well check it out. Alas, now I am hooked and will have to read about your musings on my company’s time).

  2. peter says:

    My blog is hurting the economy!

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