Summer Hiatus

My summer classes have started up, so I’m left to spend much of my waking hours hunched over my laptop writing papers. Because of this, I’m going to have to take a pause from this blog for the next six weeks.

Sorry to my six readers. I may still write the occasional entry as time permits, but otherwise I’ll return to blogging as usual in mid-August.

Enjoy your summer, fools!

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8 Responses to Summer Hiatus

  1. Guy Incognito says:


  2. Peter says:

    I will be happy to post my papers as blog entries. I just finished one on the formal and informal powers of the presidency. It is hilarious.

  3. Roger says:

    I to think I just referred a new reader here. Good thing there’s a large backlog to keep him busy.

  4. tim hopps says:

    I can’t believe you sacrificed your sanity to became a teacher (understandable, it’s an honorable profession), then reached the pinnacle of career success: having summers off, for gosh sakes! …and then spoil it by taking classes and reading boring old books. Your students are undoubtedly enjoying and savoring their 3-month sabbatical… in this case, they are smarter than their teacher. Life is too short to spend time trying to better yourself.

  5. john says:

    post your paper(s) so I can cite you as a resource for my 300 level history classes next year.

  6. Emerson says:

    So you can double-dip between your papers and the blog, may I suggest a juxtaposition between the characters of “Housewives of (City)” and Bronte’s heroines? Make those boring old hags more current. (Good Luck finding character on the TV hags – I’m not sure if they have any). I’m sure they’re at least 50% composite of spray tan, silicone, and veneers.

  7. Unspar says:

    Even though you won’t be blogging this summer, I thought you might enjoy another article on animal hoarding. Not a lot of detail in this one, unfortunately, but there is an interesting twist: they hoard because they’re wiccan.

  8. Blaine says:

    As I am sure you discovered during your executive powers research, everything changed for all five branches of our nation’s government with the advent of the fart rag.

    From trendy accessory on the sewage-clogged avenues of our nation’s capitol, to the cause of a duel that changed the course of the 1888 elections, to the clandestine companion and confidant of Grover Cleveland in his twilight years, the fart rag sure mixed it up in the halls of late 19th century American power–yes, mixed it up and spit it out sideways.

    Belize literally would not exist otherwise. Spread the word as you find the time.

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